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Interactive Skills for Refugee Employment Project


E-resources for refugees are being developed by a partnership under the Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Fund. The partnership includes Greenhat Interactive (UK), The Integration Centre (Ireland), the Katholische Universitat Eichstaett-Ingoldstadt (Germany), and Nottingham Trent University (UK) as the lead partner. The project is two years in duration and we are now in the final phase.


The finished resources will consist of 4 computer games (2 x desktop and 2 x mobile games) and a correlating curriculum, which will focus on the following module areas: It Skills, Vocational Skills, Intercultural Communication (Verbal & Non-verbal), Orientation of Services, Rights & Responsibilities. The resources will be available from November, 2014, they will be entirely free and can be used for facilitated classroom learning. Although the resources are directed towards refugees and people with leave to remain status, the subject matter will be applicable to all migrants.


If there are any organisations working with refugees or migrants which would like to participate in piloting the resources between June and September, 2014 in Ireland, please contact Aoife Breheny - / + 353 1 4405208.