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Italy’s Ministry for Integration signs agreement with National Network of Intercultural Cities


An agreement was concluded between the Italian Ministry for Integration and the national network of Intercultural Cities, "Cities of Dialogue". The objective of the agreement is to ensure a synergic cooperation in terms of social integration of migrants. The Minister's office states that: "the signature reflects much of what we have always considered as constructive dialogue. It can contribute to the networking of best practice examples over the entire territory. It can also contribute to the dissemination of societal wellbeing through actions relating to integration which seek to promote a higher level of collaboration between citizens and institutions".


Minister Kyenge expressed satisfaction with the agreement and complimented the work carried out by the network. She confirm that intention to hold "regular encounters on intercultural dialogue and integration… as well as launching a national award on best practice approaches".


This event shows considerable political will to draw upon intercultural best practice policies at local level and scale operations up throughout the country. It also illustrates the important role that national networks can have in "lobbying" for intercultural approaches to manage diversity.



Immigrati: Kyenge, protocollo con network comuni per rafforzare accoglienza

Conferenza stampa Kyenge per presentare accordo su integrazione e inclusione migrant