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MultiWalks: a smartphone App revealing Europe's neighbourhood stories, through walks made by artists


The free MultiWalks App offers you alternative tours of European cities, with walks made by artists. It's available on iOS/iPhone from Friday 18th October and coming soon on Android.


Created by a partnership between award-winning arts company motiroti (UK), Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme (Italy) and Oslo Intercultural Museum (Norway), with technology support from Do Tank Studios, MultiWalks finds new ways to reveal the different characters, voices and histories of lesser-known neighbourhoods in London, Oslo and Reggio Emilia.


The walks can be experienced from anywhere in the world, and 'on location' - where you, the walker, can follow your GPS-enabled progress across a unique artist's map of the area, and use the App to spur your interactions with the people and places around you.


Each walk pursues a distinctive path - such as the role creativity can play in securing the future of a London 'High Street'; how to platform displaced and marginalised voices amid fast-changing housing development; and how street art can connect with the digital world to inspire new connections between the generations. At the same time, MultiWalks enables the phone user to 'walk' multiple European city neighbourhoods within the same App, encouraging us to consider the commonalities and connections between communities across the continent. The App encourages reflecting on the effects of diversity and migration at a European level, as well as enabling appreciating the ways that vividly individual artistic voices can work with these amazing neighbourhoods as a creative canvas.


The launch version of MultiWalks includes two walks: Food 4 Thought, a walk through Waterloo by Ali Zaidi, and Between Faces by Shwan Dler Qaradaki.


Food 4 Thought

Nestled behind Waterloo Station, the second busiest railway station in Europe, Lower Marsh is a thoroughfare that boasts a vibrant array of independent shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants in refreshing contrast to the increasingly prevalent 'chain stores' on the British High Street. What sets this street apart? How has it evolved? And who makes its unique magic happen? Ali Zaidi zooms in on the people, places and stories that create the 'moreish' flavour – with a distinctly foodie emphasis - of this eclectic London walkway. And, as you walk, you can download a collection of recipes offered by the locals to try out at home.


Between Faces

The launch version of the MultiWalks App also includes Between Faces, a walk through Oslo by artist Shwan Dler Qaradaki. Dler Qaradaki invites us to explore a neighbourhood full of contrasts through his eyes, and so reveals the multicultural character of Oslo.


Upcoming walks

Further walks will be released as App updates over the coming weeks, and include:


Let's Go out In Her Footsteps by Margarida Paiva

In the centenary year of Norway becoming the first nation where women could vote, this walk focusses on stories of women fighting for the rights of the needy and holding communities together in the fast-changing area of Grønland in east Oslo: stories often driven by people prepared to cross boundaries, speak up and take huge risks to help their communities.


Let's Go Out by CollettivoFX and local young designers from Reggio Emilia

This walk in the city of Reggio Emilia connects new street art murals that span the side of buildings in the Santa Croce neighbourhood, to films made by young designers which bring together the residents of these buildings and ask them about their hopes and fears for Reggio's future.


Invisible Vauxhall by Gabriel Gbadamosi

The second London walk shines fresh light upon one of London's most misunderstood areas. Vauxhall is an interchange for so many Londoners, yet full of overlooked treasures. Gabriel, who was born in the area, joins the dots between past and present in a striking digital package that reveals Vauxhall in its layered, cyclical variety. Connecting the arts to tourism, technology, enterprise and place, MultiWalks brings places to life through film, maps, animation and audio and user interaction. It brims with surprises about our European cities, told by our most creative imaginations and those they connect with. Download it for free from 18th October and tell us what you think at



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Artist biographies

CollettivoFX (Let's Go Out, Reggio Emilia, Italy)

FX is a collective that aims “to pollute the concrete”.Its raids are carried out by its members or by a wider network who deploy the materials – posters, stickers – that are generated by the collective. The principle behind CollettivoFX's raids in Italy is Article 9 of the national Constitution: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research, protecting the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation.”


Shwan Dler Qaradaki (Between Faces, Oslo, Norway)

Shwan Dler Qaradaki is an Interdisciplinary artist based in Oslo whose work explores themes of identity, integration, diversity and belonging. His Salte Kyss video trilogy, which brings together drawings, animation and poetry to convey the asylum experience – has been exhibited on multiple occasions since 2010. He is a member of the National Jury for the Norwegian Visual Artists Association and was awarded a Namdal Artist Scholarship in 2013.


  Gabriel Gbadamosi (Invisible Vauxhall, London, UK)

Gabriel Gbadamosi is a poet, playwright and essayist. His novel Vauxhall won the 2011 Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize. He was AHRC Creative and Performing Arts Fellow in European and African performance at the Pinter Centre, Goldsmiths, and a Judith E. Wilson Fellow for creative writing at Cambridge University. His plays include Shango (DNA, Amsterdam), Hotel Orpheu (Schaubühne, Berlin) and for radio The Long, Hot Summer of ’76 (BBC Radio 3) which won the first Richard Imison Award. He lives in London and is RLF writing fellow at the City & Guilds of London Art School.


Margarida Paiva (In Her Footsteps, Oslo, Norway)

Margarida Paiva is a visual artist, originally from Portugal, living and working in Oslo. Her work has been shown widely in exhibitions and international festivals since 2000. Recent exhibitions include Stories and Desires From Who Sleeps at Galeria Camara Oscura in Madrid (ES), Stereo. Not Mono at Galleri F 15 in Moss (NO), 3rd Space / II Baltic Biennale in St. Petersburg (RU), Fail Again Fail Better at Tromsø Kunstforening (NO) and solo exhibitions at Galleria Muratcentoventidue in Bari (IT) and Interkulturelt Museum in Oslo (NO). Http://


Ali Zaidi (Food 4 Thought, London, UK)

Indian by birth, Pakistani by migration and British by chance, Ali Zaidi uses art and his cultural displacement to find commonalities and differences by creating works that connect and welcome. As an artist, his practice morphs different forms including film, live art, installation, digital technology and food sharings. Zaidi creates fresh participatory experiences for new audiences by inviting them to collectively reflect on issues of belonging and question static perceptions of culture and ecology. Zaidi won an OBIE for motiroti in 2004 for Alladeen, a large-scale multi-platform project merging Bollywood and Hollywood which reached massive global audiences through the web, music videos and live performance.


About the partners

MultiWalks is produced by motiroti (UK) in partnership with Mondinsieme (Italy) and Oslo Intercultural Museum (Norway, with software development from Do Tank Studios. It is supported by the European Cultural Foundation and Arts Council England. motiroti is an award-winning company that uses arts and culture to provide voice, visibility, connectivity and opportunity within world cities.


motiroti has created the multipliCities programme, connecting urbanism, interculture, technology and the arts of which MultiWalks is the first outcome.


Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme facilitate cultural processes of integration, working with Italians and other nationalities to promote cohesion and social participation.


Oslo Intercultural Museum is dedicated to exploring the history of migration and interculturalism in Oslo, Norway and beyond.


Do Tank Studios is a digital creative agency that operates across new and emerging Technologies, Mobile and Social, specialiings in the creation of apps for mobile, tablet & future platforms. Its clients in the luxury retail sector include Net A Porter, Harrods, Debenhams, Paul Costelloe and Appethai. In the entertainment sector clients include Big Brother South Africa, 2ManyDJs, ITV’s The X Factor and Benidorm and BBC’s The Royal Family, whilst other notable clients include Save The Children UK, The Science Museum and Vogue UK.


The European Cultural Foundation helps people to make change and shape Europe's future through art and culture. It seeks to support cultural activities to bridge between people, democratic processes and structures, reconnect people and re-invigorate our democracies by identifying, connecting, nourishing and illuminating a network of local cultural change-makers.


Arts Council England champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives.It supports a range of activities across the arts, museums and libraries - from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections.