Culture, Heritage and Diversity


A Space for Diversity Exchange in Dublin (Ireland)


Exchange Dublin is an all-ages cultural and civic space located in Temple Bar, Dublin. Since its foundation in 2009, the space has been regularly hosting exhibitions, workshops and other cultural activities as well as serving as a host venue for many vulnerable or even marginalised groups.


The Exchange Dublin space is an ongoing experiment in developing new forms of public space for collaboration, performance, and exhibition. It provides alcohol and drug-free premises for common use where people of all ages and backgrounds can develop and deliver social and cultural projects . The space caters to organisations serving, amongst many others, migrant women, homeless service users and communities of identity and intent.


The Exchange Dublin space is managed solely by volunteers on principles of radical inclusivity, egalitarian openness and participative diversity. The organisational meetings are open to all to attend and participate as stakeholders. The ethos of inclusion is achieved by viewing all who utilise and engage with the space as collective members.


Drawing on the value inherent in social and cultural difference, the Exchange Dublin initiative aims to develop a culture of mutual understanding by co-creating a common space of voluntary, artistic participation. Such a space, according to its volunteers, can offer a remedy to social syndromes of marginality and socio-economic or cultural exclusion. For


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