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Reggio 3.0- A platform to voice all of the inhabitants opinions!


Reggio Emilia launched its new intercultural publication 'Reggio 3.0' at a major press conference It is a joint initiative between the municipality of Reggio Emilia and the Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme, an intercultural training centre. Reggio 3.0 is a monthly publication which is translated into Russian, Arabic and Urdu. It is distributed both in a traditional magazine format and in an online newsletter. It covers a wide range of issues concerning migrants' life, work, education, training and community well-being. Paolo Ligabue, owner of Studio Ligabue, a translation service, volunteered to make this publication available in all three languages.


David Kait, the publication's editor and Marcello Stecco, the managing editor collaborated to create and launch Reggio 3.0. "In the City of Reggio Emilia there are over 65,000 migrants, which I prefer to call ‘new Reggiani', coming from over 130 different countries" –said Stecco- "Our territory is one of rapid and increasing migration. It is for this reason that we need to give a voice to these newly arrived inhabitants which are increasingly characterising the city".


In order to fulfil the concept of citizenship, every member of a local community who makes up a city's social fabric must be able to have a voice in his/her community. Be it newly arrived migrants who bring flesh blood and new ideas to a community or settled migrants who continue to contribute to community life and wellbeing. Reggio 3.0 is steering in this direction and aims at becoming a precious instrument of democracy, active participation and community development.


RRita Bertozzi concluded the press conference by stressing how part of the aim of Reggio 3.0 is to raise awareness of the contribution of newly arrived migrants to Reggio Emilia's existing social fabric. "I like to continue along the same lines and those who have become "Reggiani Storici- (settled migrants in the community) can become "Nuovi Reggani" (New Reggiani- newly arrived members of the community). We need to collectively and continuously redefine the sense of this community in constant evolution and wear the "new glasses" of change."


Even though it is still too early to tell, Reggio Emilia certainly has launched a powerful tool as part of its overall intercultural approach. Reggio 3.0 will permit all of the city's citizens to better understand how every newcomer contributes to the city's ever- evolving social fabric and reinforce the sense of community cohesion in the future.



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