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Internationalisation of OPENCITIES


"Internationalisation of OPENCITIES" is one of four books being prepared by the British Council Open Cities project in 2010 written by Greg Sgark . Their research has found that city and city regional bodies are becoming increasingly active and engaged in the international arena, developing a host of facilities which operate at that level. Globalisation, international value and supply chains, intergovernmentalism and international talent are drivers behind internationalization and open cities.


Cities wishing to have high levels of productivity, a strong position in the global economic value chains and a high quality of life must internatiolise to succeed. To embark on such a process they need; organisational and fiscal capabilities and/or leverage over external investment; an identifiable match between a cityís economic and social assets and the demands for such attributes internationally; and to avoid internationalising weak or historically under-developed sectors not sustainable over the longer term.


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