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Intercultural cities: governance and policies for diverse communities


Cities can gain enormously from the entrepreneurship, variety of skills and creativity associated with cultural diversity, provided they adopt policies and practices that facilitate intercultural interaction and inclusion. The Intercultural cities programme supports cities in reviewing their policies through an intercultural lens and developing comprehensive intercultural strategies to help them manage diversity positively and realise the diversity advantage. The programme proposes a set of analytical and practical tools to help local stakeholders through the various stages of the process.

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The Diversity Advantage Challenge

The DIVERSITY ADVANTAGE CHALLENGE is a contest for the best real-life stories of the successful involvement of people of different cultural backgrounds in the design of innovative products, services, policies, projects and initiatives. The stories should illustrate how it is possible to harness cultural diversity to the benefit of businesses, organisations and communities. Applications are closed.





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Video Message from Joan Carles SANCHEZ, Mayor of Sabadell Video Message from Sandrine SALERNO, Mayor of Geneva Message from Jean-NathanaŽl KARAKASH, Neuch‚chel Message from Kostas PELETIDES, Mayor of Patras Message from Andreas CHRISTOU, Mayor of Limassol Message from Anna MEE ALLERSLEV, Mayor of Employment and Integration, Copenhagen Video message from Juan Carlos IZAGIRRE, Mayor of San Sebastian


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