A guide for safer night life
Recreational use of drugs in nightlife settings is a common feature among European cities which should tackle with the fact that strict abstinence-oriented messages are not realistic in party settings and information-based approaches alone are not effective.

Lifestyle fashions, beliefs and attitudes of young target groups and the symbolic aspects of drugs and drug use are key factors that can be only used by the stakeholders issued from party scenes: peer projects, club owners, party organisers, etc. Their involvement in integrated local partnerships developing safer clubbing guidelines, charter and labels appears as the most efficient response. The municipalities have the responsibility to support the safer nightlife integrated partnerships which carry out such responses. This support can be done by cofinancing, coordinating and/or promoting the local programmes.

In order to support the EXASS Net member cities in responding drug use in nightlife settings, a background document and an Internet guide has been produced in the framework of the seminar organised in Budapest on May 4-6, 2009. These documents provide information and resources on the situations and responses among European Union countries as well as descriptions of the EU policies and European networks acting in this field.

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