Ad hoc expert groups
The Ministerial Conference which took place in Strasbourg on 3-4 November 2010 introduced a new structure of the activities based on ad hoc expert groups.

Ad hoc expert groups serve as task forces in the PGs activities that provide multi-disciplinary expertise on specific questions and topics. They act as task forces who support PCs in deciding on taking action of identified subjects and issues. They deliver specifically defined results to PCs within a set period of time. The tasks are set out in specific terms of reference for each ad hoc group.

The ad hoc expert groups are answerable to the PCs. The Bureau ensures the overall supervision of the work of the ad hoc expert groups, initiatives and networks. They report on a regular basis on the progress of work to a designated Bureau member who acts as the liaison contact to the Bureau and the PCs. Upon completion of their tasks the ad hoc groups report the results of their work to the PCs within the prescribed timeframe.

suite Ad hoc advisory expert group on road traffic safety and substitution treatment

suite Ad hoc expert group on the prevention of drug precursors' diversion - perspectives for national and international cooperation