Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

The Mediterranean network for co-operation on drugs and addictions (MedNET), including alcohol and tobacco, aims to foster co-operation, exchanges and mutual transfer of knowledge between Mediterranean countries and Pompidou Group European Member States (North-South and South-North exchanges) as well as among Mediterranean countries (South-South exchanges).
Long term objectives
The main objective is to improve the quality of the drug policies implementation in all participating countries, emphasising a greater awareness of cultural factors influencing intervention policies.
The objectives related to the adhesion to the Council of Europe is the enhancing of the process of political and democratic reforms in the Mediterranean region through increasing awareness of the rights to health care, drug use and legislation reforms.
Target groups
The network is a co-operation mechanism for professionals working on the ground: doctors, social workers, representatives of NGOs and public associations, researchers, policy-makers and officials. It is geared to promoting interaction between political, practical and scientific aspects.
Development and financing
After a first conference in 1999 in Malta, where the creation of a network of cooperation in the Mediterranean region was discussed, MedSPAD (Mediterranean School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs) was launched. Started in 2006, the network has been evaluated one year later. The flexibility of operation has been acknowledged and the operation under the auspices of the Pompidou Group has been recognized. In the initial phase, the budget was funded by voluntary contributions from Netherlands and France, with a later voluntary contribution from Italy and Portugal. The budget continues being funded by voluntary contributions up till today.

A partnership with the South Program funded by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe in order to strengthen democratic reform in the Southern neighbourhood started in 2012.


The aim of this Newsletter is to present the main activities and results of the European Union – Council of Europe joint programme “Strengthening democratic reform in the Southern Neighbourhood”, the so called South Programme.
Participating countries
At the incipient phase the network was only addressing North African countries in cooperation with France, Netherlands and Malta. Later, it has been extended over twelve countries. Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Portugal joined in 2007, Tunisia in 2009, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus in 2010 and Greece in 2011.

Member States: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia.

The MedNET countries express their opinion on the impact of the cooperation activities:
During the 14th MedNET meeting in Rabat, the representatives of ten MedNET countries participating in the event spoke about the impact of the MedNET cooperation on their countries.

suite Interview by Mr. Jallal Toufiq, Morocco (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Richard Muscat, Malta
suite Interview by Mr. Ramzi Haddad, Lebanon (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Abdullah Al Khraisat, Jordan (Arab only)
suite Interview by Ms. Elisabetta Simeoni, Italy
suite Interview by Ms. Minerva Malliori, Greece
suite Interview by Ms. Danièle Jourdain-Menninger, France (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Emad Hamdi-Ghoz, Egypt
suite Interview by Ms. Leda Christodoulou, Cyprus
Each country designates an authorized representative responsible for national drug politics to act on behalf of the government. The work program is drafted taking into consideration all cooperation requests made by the countries. Network members review and adopt the program accordingly. Regional activities are also proposed. The Secretariat administers and coordinates the implementation of the work program.

Added value

• Merging the Southern Mediterranean cultural context to the methodology and tools recognised and used in Europe
• Wide range of qualitative and quantitative activities and information in various fields collected envisaging a comprehensive approach to the drug problem
• Bridging role between Europe and the Southern part of the Mediterranean Region
• Exchange of knowledge and experience between the countries of the Southern Mediterranean perimeter
• Activities based on needs expressed by stakeholders in the countries concerned
• Enhance awareness and skills in the drug field through meetings of various agencies
• Flexibility in the implementation of programmes
• Regular and thorough evaluation by all stakeholders
• Cost-effectiveness
Publications and documents
2016 MedNET Report for Adolescent Addictions
suite Open PDF

2015 MedNET Activity Report
suite Open PDF

suite First regional MedSPAD report
suite English version
suite French version

suite Annual report of the National Observatory on Drugs and Addiction - Morocco 2014

MedNET Presentation Leaflet - 2015
suite English version
French version
Arabic version

2014 MedNET Activity Report
Open PDF

The first school survey on alcohol and other drugs carried out in Tunisia
Open PDF (French only)

Education and Training on Substance Use Disorder

Open PDF

University Diploma in Addictology in Rabat
Open PDF file (Text available in French only)

Post University Diploma in Addictology in Tunis
Open PDF file (Text available in French only)

MedNET activity report 2013

MedSpad Maroc activity report 2013-2014
Open PDF (French)

Meeting the needs for treatment and treatment centres in Egypt
(Egypt, March 2012)
Report prepared by the General Secretariat of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and Population in the framework of the Project "Filling the Gap"
suite Report

MedNET activity report 2012

suite Report

MedNET Activity Report 2011
Adopted at the 11th MedNET meeting in Brussels on 15 November 2011
suite Report

MedNET Activity Report 2010
Adopted at the 9th MedNET meeting in Rabat on 3 December 2010
suite Report

Situational Needs Assessment 2009 (Lebanon, September 2011)
Report prepared by Skoun (Lebanese Addiction Centre) in the framework of the Project "Filling the Gap"
suite Report

Guidelines for the Mediterranean School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (MedSPAD)
suite Guidelines
suite Further guidelines

Training for trainers in implementation of drug abuse prevention projects in Algeria
Trainings for trainers in Zeralda, Batna, Oran and Ghardaia in 2009
suite Publication in French version
suite Publication in Arabic version

MedNET High Level Conference
Strasbourg, 1st December 2009
suite Declaration
suite Conference report
suite Feasibility study

MedSPAD survey in Lebanon
suite Publication 2009 (pdf format)

suite All documents of MedNET

suite All publications from Pompidou Group