The Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe (ATCE) is an international administrative court competent to hear complaints of the serving and former staff members of the Council of Europe against their employer. The jurisdiction of the Administrative Tribunal has also been recognised by other international organisations enjoying immunity. (Read more...)

Adoption of a new Statute for the Administrative Tribunal Adoption of a new Statute for the Administrative Tribunal

As of 1 January 2023, the current Statute of the Tribunal will be replaced by the new Statute of the Tribunal adopted by Resolution CM/Res(2022)65 of the Committee of Ministers on 16 November 2022. The process of revising the Tribunal’s Rules of procedure accordingly is underway.

Any appeals lodged with the Administrative Tribunal prior to 1 January 2023 shall continue to be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and the Rules of Procedure in force on 31 December 2022.

Activity report Activity report

2021 Activity Report

The report presents staff disputes at the Council of Europe, the Council of Europe Development Bank and the affiliated international organisations which have recognised the jurisdiction of the Tribunal (CCNR, HCCH and OTIF). (Read more...)

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Latest appeals:

No. 734/2022
- Paolo LOBBA
No. 733/2022 - Zhargal BUDAEV
No. 732/2022 - Daria CHISTIAKOVA
No. 731/2022 - Anna GORODETSKAYA

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