Reference texts


  • By the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE) or by the Governing Board of the Development Bank (CEB)

        A) Article 14 of the Staff Regulations (Grievance procedures) of the CoE and the CEB

        B) Article 18 of the CoE or CEB Regulations on the protection of personal data (Complaints and appeals)

        C) Statute of the Tribunal

  • By the Tribunal

Rules of procedure of the Tribunal

 Composition of the Tribunal

  • A Chair
  • A Deputy Chair

both appointed by the European Court of Human Rights

  • Two Judges
  • Two Deputy Judges

all appointed by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe


The Tribunal is assisted by:

  • A registrar and,
  • A deputy registrar

appointed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.


They are appointed after consultation with the Chair of the Tribunal.

In the exercise of their functions, they are subject only to the authority of the Tribunal (Article 4.3 of the Statute of the Tribunal).


The Tribunal examines appeals brought before it and hears requests for interpretation, revision and execution of a judgment.

The Chair rules on requests for a stay of execution, as well as on requests for rectification of a judgment.

 Composition for hearing an appeal

  • Chair or Deputy Chair
  • Two Judges or Deputy Judges

 Composition for considering a request for a stay of execution

  • Chair or Deputy Chair


  • Staff and former staff members
  • Persons claiming through staff and former staff members
  • Job candidates, insofar as the proceedings concern irregularities of the selection process directly affecting them
  • Staff Committee, where the procedure relates to an act directly affecting the Staff Committee or its powers under the Staff Regulations


  • For the Council of Europe: Secretary General
  • For the Council of Europe Development Bank: Governor of the Bank