Reference texts


  • By the Committee of Ministers

A) Part VII of the Staff Regulations (Disputes)

B) Appendix XI to the Staff Regulations (Statute of the Tribunal)

  • By the Tribunal

Rules of procedure of the Tribunal

 Composition of the Tribunal

  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Deputy Chair

both appointed by the European Court of Human Rights

  • 2 Judges
  • 2 Deputy Judges

all appointed by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe


The Tribunal is assisted by:

  • a registrar and
  • a deputy registrar

appointed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.


They are appointed after consulting the Chair of the Tribunal (Rule 3 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure).

In the discharge of their duties, they are responsible only to the Tribunal (Article 14 of the Tribunal’s Statute).


The Tribunal examines the appeals brought before it.

The Chair rules on applications for a stay of execution of the act complained of, pending the Tribunal’s decision.

 Composition for hearing an appeal

  • Chair or Deputy Chair
  • 2 Judges or Deputy Judges
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar

 Composition for considering an application for a stay of execution

  • Chair or Deputy Chair
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar


  • Staff members – Former staff members
  • Persons claiming through staff members or former staff members
  • Staff Committee, where the complaint relates to an act of which it is the subject or to an act directly affecting its powers under the Staff Regulations
  • Candidates outside the Council who have been allowed to sit a competitive recruitment examination, provided the complaint relates to an irregularity in the examination procedure

 Respondent party

  • For the Council of Europe: Secretary General
  • For the Council of Europe Development Bank (Art. 15 of the Tribunal’s Statute): Governor of the Bank