Requests for anonymity

On anonymity, parties are reminded that the Tribunal's decisions as well as orders striking an appeal out of the Tribunal's list of cases are published on the Tribunal's website. Orders deciding on applications for a stay of execution may also be published on the website.

Parties should also be aware that as soon as an appeal is lodged, a news item is published on the Council of Europe's intranet site to enable those who wish to do so to exercise the right of intervention provided for in Article 10 of the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal.

Regarding the possibility of anonymity, even if no indication is given in the statutory texts (Staff Regulations and Statute of the Tribunal), or in the Tribunal’s rules of procedure, an applicant may request anonymity when filing his/her appeal by explaining the reason underlying his/her request. This request is then reviewed by the Chair of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal having no written rules on anonymity, it is inspired in its decision by instructions of the European Court of Human Rights, including rules codified in Articles 33 and 47 of the Rules of Court which are resumed in practice directions issued by the President of the Court under Article 32 of the Rules of Court.