Roma and Travellers comprise the largest set of minority groups in Europe. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is working against this discrimination and towards the full integration of more than 12 million Roma and Travellers in its member states.

The Congress has launched several initiatives to combat prejudice against Roma. It has published the Human Rights Handbook for Local and Regional Authorities, which includes a chapter on Roma rights with a reminder of the legal framework and the role that local and regional authorities can play, as well as good practices implemented in several countries. The Congress also launched the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion, which aims to create national networks of mayors, as well as a Declaration against Anti-Gypsyism to give all local and regional elected representatives from the 47 Council of Europe member states the opportunity to take a public stand against discrimination towards Roma. Every two years, the Congress also awards the Dosta! Prize to municipalities that have implemented innovative initiatives for Roma integration.

The Congress published in 2019 "Human rights handbook for local and regional authorities". One of its three chapters aims to combat discrimination against Roma and Travellers. Examples presented include actions conducted by various local and regional authorities, councils and organisations. Some of the issues addressed in the Handbook are presented below. To view the whole content, download the Handbook in PDF format.

 Download : Human Rights Handbook Vol. I (Pdf)

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