The Bureau is responsible for preparing proposals relating to general policy of the Congress, the budget and the local and regional monitoring missions as well as the local election observation missions.

Comprising the Bureaux of the Chamber of Local Authorities and the Chamber of Regions, the Bureau's task is to ensure that work goes on at times when neither the Standing Committee nor the Congress is meeting.

The Bureau is also responsible for preparing for Congress sessions and for coordinating the work of the Chambers and statutory committees. It may also draw up reports and submit these to be considered and voted on by the Chambers and the Congress. It decides on and updates the apportionment of full members' seats on the statutory committees, as well as the list of member states which send representatives to the Chamber of Regions in a solely advisory capacity.

As a general rule, meetings of the Bureau take place in camera. The Bureau of the Congress may, however, decide to invite observers to some or all of its meetings and may hold hearings of individuals and organisations. The Bureau may also, at its own discretion, invite to some or all of its meetings, in an advisory capacity, the chairpersons of political groups, statutory committees and working groups, as well as the rapporteur of one of the statutory committees and/or of a working group.

Composition of the Bureau  here

BEFORE the meetings, documents for the Bureau are sent to participants by email for downloading via CoECloud or ZIP format (restricted access with a password).

AFTER the meetings, documents are made public and available on the internet.

Head of the Table Office
Sarah Burton
 +33 3 90 21 54 82