Armenia’s aspiration to achieve better decentralisation and a more effective local self-government is supported by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, in the framework of the Project “Strengthening the Communities Association of Armenia and Transparent, Participatory Local Governance in Armenia”. The aim of the Project is to improve the quality of local democracy in Armenia through establishing a formal, effective consultation mechanism between the Government and the association of local authorities of Armenia, and enhance citizen’s confidence and trust in local authorities through greater voice, accountability, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the local self-government bodies.

The Project is rooted in the Roadmap agreed between the Congress and authorities of Armenia in 2016 for the implementation of Recommendation 351 (2014) on local democracy in Armenia. The project builds on the results of Congress activities carried out in Armenia since 2014 and is based on the needs and recommendations voiced by relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries during the implementation of the project “Institutional Support to the Communities Association of Armenia” (2014-2019).

Strengthening the CAA and transparent, participatory local governance

Consultation and Advocacy

The Congress provides expert support and capacity building to strengthen institutional framework for consultation of local authorities by higher levels of government on matters of their concern. 

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Open Government and Public Ethics

The Congress promotes ethical, transparent and participatory decision-making as a means to increase citizens' trust in local elected officials and representatives. 

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  • bE-Open: Open local government – A tool for action”
  • Management of change: tool guide for local authorities
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