The increasing number of migrants coming to Europe constitutes a critical challenge for all levels of government, calling for adapted and effective measures in Council of Europe member States. Local and regional authorities who, as the public authority closest to the population, are the first port of call in any emergency situation, have the responsibility to provide newly arrived migrants with access to key public services (housing, healthcare, education) without any discrimination.

The Congress published in 2019 "Human rights handbook for local and regional authorities". One of its three chapters aims to combat discrimination against refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and internally displaced persons. Examples presented include actions conducted by various local and regional authorities, councils and organisations. Some of the issues addressed in the Handbook are presented below. To view the whole content, download the Handbook in PDF format.

 Download : Human Rights Handbook Vol. I (Pdf)

  • Convention on the participation of foreigners in public life at local level
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