The Special Representative has launched a number of concrete actions in support of the people fleeing Ukraine


In response to the unprecedented situation created by the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the millions of persons who have fled the country, the Special Representative took a number of initiatives, which included gathering first-hand information as to the fast-evolving...

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Administrative detention of an under-age child let to a twofold violation of the Convention


On 31 March 2022, in a Chamber judgment in the case of N.B. and Others v. France (application no. 49775/20) the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been: A violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human...

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More coordinated efforts needed to meet the humanitarian needs and protect the human rights of people fleeing the war in Ukraine


On 24 March 2022, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, published her conclusions following a series of monitoring missions carried out to Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania. “All member states should strengthen their efforts to coordinate – both at...

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Human trafficking experts: States must urgently protect refugees fleeing Ukraine


On 17 March 2022, the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) warned of the dangers of people fleeing the armed conflict in Ukraine falling victim to human trafficking and exploitation, amid the fastest-growing refugee flow in Europe since World...

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New General Policy Recommendation, conclusions on Netherlands, and statement on the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine


On 1 March 2022, , the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) published a revised General Policy Recommendation on preventing and combating anti-Muslim racism and discrimination to help prevent and counter increasing public manifestations of anti-Muslim racism and...

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PACE Committee appointed new rapporteurs and adopted a declaration on the situation in Ukraine


On 21 March 2022, at its meeting in Paris, the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons appointed Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC) rapporteur for a report on “The humanitarian consequences and internal and external migration in connection with the...

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Urgent need to protect Ukrainian children in migration from the risk of exposure to sexual abuse


On 10 March 2022, the Lanzarote Committee adopted a Statement calling for the protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse resulting from the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. In the statement, the 48 Parties to the Council of Europe Convention on...

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Statement on the educational consequences of Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine


On 17 March 2022, in its Statement on the educational consequences of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, the Steering Committee for Education (CDEDU) called on Council of Europe member and observer states to provide support to the Ukrainian people and all displaced and refugee...

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Committee of Experts on Intercultural Integration of Migrants


From 15 to 17 March 2022, in Rome, the Steering Committee on Anti-discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI) elected the members of the Committee of Experts on Intercultural Integration of Migrants. The CDADI elected 10 representatives of member states, 1 representative of regional...

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Launch of HELP e-Desks on asylum/migration for lawyers assisting people fleeing the war in Ukraine


On 1 March 2022, the Council of Europe Programme on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) launched virtual Asylum/Migration HELP e-Desks to assist lawyers from most affected countries dealing with the influx of war refugees from Ukraine, mostly women and children. The aim of the...

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