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La protection des enfants réfugiés et migrants est une priorité pour l'organisation. Les 47 membres du Conseil de l'Europe ont approuvé en 2017 le Plan d'action sur la protection des enfants réfugiés et migrants en Europe (2017-2019). Il met l'accent sur trois objectifs principaux : l'accès à des droits, la protection effective contre la violence et l'intégration. En savoir plus sur le plan d'action >>

Mise en œuvre

Le rapport "Enfants réfugiés et migrants en Europe" - Progrès dans la mise en œuvre du Plan d'action mets l'accent sur les réalisations concrètes et les enseignements tirées au cours des 16 premiers mois du Plan d'action. Ce rapport intérimaire à mi-parcours examine les activités en cours, d'autres travaux entrepris par le Conseil de l'Europe et la coopération thématique avec les partenaires internationaux. En savoir plus >>

Pactes mondiaux Pactes mondiaux

The Council of Europe is closely following and contributing to both the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The Special Representative participated in the consultation phase in respect of both Compacts orally and in writing over the course of 2017. He has continued to engage with the process during the negotiation phase which began in early 2018 with the publication of drafts of both Compacts. The Special Representative submitted written comments on the Global Compact on Refugees in June 2018, underlining the importance of placing human rights protection at the heart of the text and the key role that the Council of Europe can play in helping European states especially achieve the objectives and actions envisaged in the Compact.                       

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Supporting young refugees to access their rights

The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers has adopted a recommendation to support young refugees in their transition to adulthood. The recommendation is part of the Action Plan on refugee and migrant children in Europe (2017-2019).

Interview with Florian Cescon, Head of Division, Youth Policies and Janeta Hanganu, Legal Adviser from the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on migration and refugees.

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27-28.05 - Joint CoE/UNHCR seminar “The Effective Protection of Refugee and Migrant Children in Portugal”, Lisbon

03.06 - Launch of the HELP training course on refugee and migrant children, Paris

04-05.06 - Conference on migration issues at RUDN University, Moscow

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