TRAINING4ROMA (AND NON-ROMA) YOUTH - Compass training course in Spain

TRAINING4ROMA (AND NON-ROMA) YOUTH - Compass training course in Spain

From 6 to 10 July, the Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia) organised in collaboration with Plataforma Khetané, the Compass national training course "Training4Roma, Human Rights Training for Roma and non Roma youth activists" in La Mina, Barcelona.

The activity brought together Roma and non-Roma youngsters who work with other youngsters as multipliers in human rights education.

The activity was characterised by an excellent level of motivation for participants to learn more and from each other. The young Roma attending the course could also break with the stereotypes about Roma and about La Mina, a notoriously disadvantaged neighbourhood of Barcelona.

At the request of the non-Roma participants a "guided tour" of the neighbourhood was organised by the Roma participants; this had a very important educational effect. The course was based on the Compass manual but the manual Mirrors was also used to address antigypsysim. Both manuals are available in Spanish.