Retour SKEI GRANDE Trine

Minister of Culture and Equality, Norway


Trine Skei Grande was appointed Minister of Culture in January 2018. New title from 22 January 2019 is Minister of Culture and Equality. Ms Grande has been the leader of The Liberal Party of Norway since 2010.

She was a Deputy member for Oslo County, in the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), from 2001–2005 and has served multiple periods as member of the Storting for Oslo County. She has also served as a member of a variety of Storting standing committees.

She has a one-year foundation-level subject in Economics at the University of Trondheim, intermediate level subject in Political science at the University of Oslo and a one-year foundation-level subject in History at the University of Oslo.

She has worked as a freelance journalist, teacher and information officer and had multiple public appointments and party positions.

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