Détails du traité n°086

Protocole additionnel à la Convention européenne d'extradition
Titre Protocole additionnel à la Convention européenne d'extradition
Référence STE n°086
Ouverture du traité Strasbourg, 15/10/1975  - Traité ouvert à la signature des Etats membres signataires du Traité STE 24 et à l'adhésion des Etats non membres adhérents au STE 24
Entrée en vigueur 20/08/1979  - 3 Ratifications.

The European Convention on Extradition (ETS No. 24) bars extradition in respect of all political offences. While it does not define the notion of political offence, it excludes from the scope of such offences the taking of the life of a head of State. The Protocol further limits the scope of such offences by excluding also war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Moreover, the Protocol supplements the provisions of the Convention that deal with the principle “ne bis in idem”, namely its Article 9, by enlarging the number of instances in which the extradition of a person is barred where that person has already been tried for the offence in respect of which the extradition claim was made.

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