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The Council of Europe’s efforts towards Euro-Arab cooperation in the Youth field covers over 20 years and involves many youth organisations, the European Youth Forum, the European Commission and the League of Arab States.

The Council of Europe’s youth sector has an outstanding tradition of promoting intercultural dialogue and including the points of view of young people from across the globe in its activities, be them organised at the European youth centres or supported by the European Youth Foundation.

Intercultural Dialogue provides the framework for cooperation with neighbouring regions, especially the South Mediterranean and Arab region, while placing emphasis on the role of intercultural dialogue for managing diversity within each society.

The activities within the cooperation includes the Euro-Arab Youth Forums, Training Courses, Mediterranean university organised in cooperation with the North South Centre and national level support to youth initiatives for Euro-Arab cooperation.

Euro-Arab youth cooperation is carried out within the Youth for Democracy programme – expected result 3 – and under the guidelines defined by the Joint Council on Youth in 2014.

Euro-Arab Cooperation Position Paper

Change starts from the neighbourhood - A study on Results of Ten Years of Euro-Arab Youth Cooperation

Youth - Peace - Dialogue Youth - Peace - Dialogue