The Euro-Arab Youth Forum has since 2008 become a bi-annual 4 day event inviting around 80 young Arab and European leaders, youth workers, representatives of youth associations and decision-makers. Hosting of the Youth Forum rotates between countries from the Arab and European Region.

The Euro-Arab Youth Forum aims to foster mutual cooperation and dialogue among European and Arab Youth leaders and representatives of youth associations on topics of shared concern within a framework of commitment to a culture of universal human rights and intercultural dialogue. The Forums have the objective to:

  • To contribute to the development of shared knowledge and to increase the awareness about meanings and practices of Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Euro-Arab cooperation
  • To explore the role and practices of education for citizenship  and human rights in building peaceful cohesive societies and preventing discrimination, hate speech, islamophobia and extremism leading to violence
  • To develop proposals which aim to involve young people in the issues on the Arab-European dialogue agenda (social, economic, spiritual, cultural, and political) based on their ability to challenge stereotypical images.

6th edition of the Euro-Arab Youth Forum

The sixth edition of the Euro-Arab Youth Forum will be hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the Kingdom of Morocco in April 2017. The 6 Arab-European Youth Forum will mobilise young people and youth organisations from Arab and European regions to engage in dialogue and cooperation against violent extremism and hate speech.

The 6th forum will reflect the current concerns shared by young people in both regions, notably:

  • The consequences of violent extremism, terrorism and populism
  • The consequences of armed conflict and violence
  • The fate of refugees and asylum-seekers
  • The deterioration of the climate of human rights and dialogue
  • The implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, notably those concerning education, peace and intercultural dialogue
  • Actions and campaigning by young people against or in reaction to the above.

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Euro-Arab Youth Forum  - Learning and Practicing Citizenship
European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, 2-5 September 2015

The 5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum brought together 100 young people from the Council of Europe and Arab League member countries. Young people’s values and commitment to intercultural and cohesive societies was the underlying theme to share and discuss realities, challenges and aspirations among young Arabs and Europeans.
Despite the very different demographical, social and culture realities of young Arabs and Europeans, the forum participants were driven by a common desire to overcome prejudice and barriers and by the commitment to intercultural dialogue and exchange.
The forum adopted the Strasbourg Message, reflecting the proposals and expectations of the participants on future Euro-Arab cooperation and possibilities to enlarge spaces for effective participation and citizenship of young people.

Participants expressed their concerns about the shrinking space for civil society, poor access to social rights, rampant corruption and lack of accountability of governments to citizens in many countries. They also called on all member states of the Council of Europe and of the League of Arab States to live up to their international commitments and duties to safeguard human rights, with regards to the current refugee crisis by hosting more refugees fleeing from armed conflicts.
The forum was co-organised by the Youth departments of the Council of Europe and of the League of Arab States in cooperation with the European Youth Forum.

Report of the Forum

Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - documentary Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - documentary
Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - short video Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - short video


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EAYF 2015 Documentary:

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  • 2008, Youth Forum of the League of Arab States in Jordan
  • 2009, Youth Forum of the League of Arab States in Morocco
    Assilah appeal
  • 2010, Euro-Arab Youth Conference in Tunisia and Italy
    Ragusa Declaration on Euro-Arab Youth Cooperation
  •  2013, 4th Arab-Euro Youth on Human Rights, Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Forum, Doha, Qatar.
    Doha Declaration
  • 2015, 5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum on Learning and Practicing Citizenship, Young people’s values and commitments to intercultural and inclusive societies., Strasbourg, France.
    Strasbourg Message