The Euro-Arab Youth Forum has since 2008 become a bi-annual 4 day event inviting around 80 young Arab and European leaders, youth workers, representatives of youth associations and decision-makers. Hosting of the Youth Forum rotates between countries from the Arab and European Region.

The Euro-Arab Youth Forum aims to foster mutual cooperation and dialogue among European and Arab Youth leaders and representatives of youth associations on topics of shared concern within a framework of commitment to a culture of universal human rights and intercultural dialogue. The Forums have the objective to:

  • To contribute to the development of shared knowledge and to increase the awareness about meanings and practices of Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Euro-Arab cooperation
  • To explore the role and practices of education for citizenship  and human rights in building peaceful cohesive societies and preventing discrimination, hate speech, islamophobia and extremism leading to violence
  • To develop proposals which aim to involve young people in the issues on the Arab-European dialogue agenda (social, economic, spiritual, cultural, and political) based on their ability to challenge stereotypical images.
Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - documentary Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - documentary

Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - short video Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2015 - short video



  • 2008, Youth Forum of the League of Arab States in Jordan
  • 2009, Youth Forum of the League of Arab States in Morocco
    Assilah appeal
  • 2010, Euro-Arab Youth Conference in Tunisia and Italy
    Ragusa Declaration on Euro-Arab Youth Cooperation
  •  2013, 4th Arab-Euro Youth on Human Rights, Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Forum, Doha, Qatar.
    Doha Declaration
  • 2015, 5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum on Learning and Practicing Citizenship, Young people’s values and commitments to intercultural and inclusive societies., Strasbourg, France.
    Strasbourg Message