The Euro-Arab Youth Forum has, since 2008, become a bi-annual 4-day event involving around 120 young Arab and European leaders, youth workers, representatives of youth associations and decision-makers. Hosting of the forum rotates between countries from the Arab and European Region.

The Euro-Arab Youth Forum aims to foster mutual cooperation and dialogue among European and Arab Youth leaders and representatives of youth associations on topics of shared concern within a framework of commitment to a culture of universal human rights and intercultural dialogue.

The Forums have the objective to:

  1. To contribute to the development of shared knowledge and to increase the awareness about meanings and practices of Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Euro-Arab cooperation
  2. To explore the role and practices of education for citizenship and human rights in building peaceful cohesive societies and preventing discrimination, hate speech, islamophobia and extremism leading to violence
  3. To develop proposals which aim to involve young people in the issues on the Arab-European dialogue agenda (social, economic, spiritual, cultural, and political) based on their ability to challenge and overcome stereotypical images.

Euro-Arab Youth Forum 2021

The 8th Arab-European Youth Forum was planned to take place in Tunisia in the end of 2021, but unfortunately had to be cancelled due COVID-19 related travel restrictions being imposed.