The emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 prevented the peace camp from being held. Instead an online Peace Week was initiated in 2020 and continued in 2021 in an improved version.

The Youth Peace Week sought to empower young people and youth organisations from conflict affected regions by equipping them with competences and educational resources to enhance young people’s role and action for peace-building and conflict transformation. The week’s programme was fully held online and provided participants essential understanding of human rights (education), conflict analysis and transformation and peace-building.

 Report of the Youth Peace Week 2021

 Report of the Youth Peace Week 2020

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Local peace camps

In 2021 the participants of the peace week had also the possibility to plan and actively take part in presential regional or local peace camps that were held between August and November in their local communities or regions.

The local dimension of the camps facilitates the contextualisation of past or current conflicts while also planning/engaging in meaningful actions in support of peace.

The Local Peace Camps may take two forms, depending on the conditions for travelling, meeting and working together in each specific community or country:

  • Local activities, bringing together young people from one or various communities from a single region or place.
  • Bi-communal activities, bringing together young people form two or more communities from two different regions or places.

All activities should engage young people interested in and committed to dialogue and peace-building in their communities, supporting them with the educational tools and institutional/organisational frameworks to act as multipliers for peace-building, conflict transformation, intercultural dialogue and human rights education.

Peace Camp Conference

The experiences of the local peace camps were united at the Youth Peace Camp Conference, held online in December 2021.

The conference brought together the participants of both the peace week and the local peace camps in order to review the experiences and learning process, evaluate the relevance and quality of the activities and extract learning points for 2022 activities. The Conference should strengthen a sense of community of values and practices for peace-building and human rights education among all participants.