A seminar on sharing practices of projects and initiatives in support of Young Refugees and Migrants in transition to adulthood

Mandala outline

The seminar SUPPORTING CONFIDENCE AT 18 aims at reassessing the current needs and situations faced by young refugees and migrants in transition to adulthood and supporting advocacy and practice to implement the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on Supporting Young Refugees in Transition to Adulthood.

 Objectives of the seminar

  • To collect experiences in the implementation of the guidelines of the Recommendation on Supporting Young Refugees in Transition to Adulthood and share current challenges faced by practitioners and young people themselves;
  • To identify priorities for action and advocacy by young people and human rights organisations and by youth policy and youth work actors in the further promotion of the Recommendation.
  • To raise awareness about the plight of young people affected by migration and refugee policies on the World Refugee Day (20 June)
  • To reinforce cooperation and support among youth-, migrant- and refugee-led organisations and support he inclusion of a youth perspective in migration and refugee-related policies and programmes which affect their transition into adulthood.


 The seminar will consist of plenary sessions, working groups and sessions where participants can share their experiences with each other. It will also serve as a moment to reflect on the status of the implementation of the Recommendation five years after its adoption.

 The seminar is organised by the Council of Europe Youth Department and PICUM (platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants), in cooperation with VOICIFY, VYRE (Voices of Young Refugees in Europe) and the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on Migration and Refugees .

Dates and venue

 20-21 June 2024

European Youth Centre Budapest

Advisory Council on Youth
Guide on Recommendation