The North-South Centre offers each year, since 2009, online training courses which cover three different dimensions of global education: human rights, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship. Each course takes place twice a year and lasts for four weeks. This training is designed for formal and non-formal educators, policymakers and media professionals.


"Global Education - The Human Rights Dimension"

This course provides an introduction to human rights education as part of the global education context, and deals with its concepts, approaches, strategies and action, by considering its interconnections between the global and local.

 "Global Education - The Intercultural Dimension"

This online learning course provides an overview of intercultural education relevance and need, what it means in theory and practice and how it can be improved in relation to the context of a globalised world, the local needs, its contents and methodology.

"Global Education - The Citizenship Dimension"

This online learning course is designed to inspire and strengthen democratic citizenship aiming at transformation towards social justice and sustainability in a globalised world.

Each course is available twice a year. A 2012 study entitled Global Education through eLearning: Uncovering Outcomes shows that  “the course improves participants’ awareness of global issues and interconnectedness as well as skills which they apply in their current practice, in new activities, advocacy and in policy making”.

reports of previous courses reports of previous courses
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