The Meta-University is an online event for networking, capacity building and peer learning among youth workers and organisations active in the youth field.

Based on the structure of the University on Youth and Development and Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship, the Meta-University has been created during the current pandemic crisis, which is challenging traditional spaces for dialogue and accelerating the process of shrinking space for civil society.



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The Meta-University is conceived as:

 a platform to ensure interaction and mutual understanding addressing the current needs and challenges of the youth sector;
 a space to build capacities according to current needs, share knowledge and gathering insights from peers;
 an opportunity to share good practices, mainstream new projects and find new partners.


During this event, the participants have the possibility to:

 expand knowledge and build new skills by taking part in the webinars promoted by partner organisations;
 contribute to the developments of the global youth agenda by following the plenary sessions focused on current key issues of the youth sector;
 connect with peers while enjoying informal gatherings such as online coffee-breaks, dynamic group chats, musical sessions and other facilitated group interactions;
 mingle in the “virtual youth fair” to know more about the work of other organisations, to set up your own virtual stand, exchange business cards and chat in private with the promoter of each stand to build synergies;
 take the lead of the event by setting up your on session to follow-up ideas and proposals, go more in-depth on a conversation started in previous sessions, to address a relevant issue that was not covered by the event etc…


The different levels of engagement and the variety of partners involved (grassroots initiatives, institutional organisations, national bodies and international networks) covering different geographical scopes are the added value of this event.

2020 edition (4-5 november) 2020 edition (4-5 november)