The Meetings of Stakeholders in the field of youth is an annual event aiming at increasing coordination and fostering cooperation among youth-related entities at international level.



Having had in the past different regional focuses, since 2020 this initiative increased its scope and relevance: from being an informal occasion to share experiences and ongoing projects at regional level, the meeting is now a recurrent major event to advance the global youth agenda and develop a global youth partnership for development, peace and global citizenship.


The Meetings of Stakeholders in the field of youth ensure a comfortable and structured space for dialogue to understand the state-of-art of the youth sector, to exchange information and lessons learned, to address mutual challenges and to identify possible synergies at interregional level.

The North-South Centre act as facilitator of the meetings encouraging networking, and relationship building, looking for a common ground in terms of priorities and messages to be mainstreamed at inter-regional level to preserve the centrality of youth policies and of the role of young people.

Frequent and stable moments of dialogue and interaction are necessary to strengthen youth cooperation and a platform like the annual meetings of the NSC - where inputs and initiatives are shared, commented and combined in an informal, yet technical manner - contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and build a more effective multilevel global governance.

In the recent editions, the meetings succeeded in gathering the main international players of the youth sector both from the inter-governmental level (Office of the Special Envoy on Youth of the African Union, League of Arab States, United Nations Alliance of Civilisations…) and from the youth-led level (United Network of Young Peacebuilders, Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa, Youth Forum of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community...)




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