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On 13 December 2022, experts, activists and decision-makers met for the 28th edition of the Lisbon Forum to discuss the state of play of international co-operation. It has been an opportunity to assess the impact of the different crises such as the war in Ukraine, and the new geopolitical set-up on the North-South dialogue and the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in fragile contexts. A particular focus was provided to the role of young people in addressing global issues and how to give them space in decision-making processes.

The event aimed at raising awareness in northern and southern societies on how to preserve international co-operation and dialogue on issues of interdependence in the context of war.

The event took place in English and French with simultaneous interpretation 


The agression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is a violation of the UN Charter and has major global implications and represents a turning point in international relations. Not only has it led to a dramatic humanitarian crisis and major population movements across Europe, it also marks the end of the post-cold war era and of a world order based on the principles of peace, international co-operation and consensual rules.

Multilateralism is giving way to a more polarised world. National interests are increasingly defined in terms of security and power, rather than in terms of co-operation and growth, while geo-economics is being subdued by geo-politics. Will there be a shift from an international rule-based system to a power system? From open and interdependent societies to inward-looking nationalistic views?

Do repeated crises have a weary effect on international mobilisation for peace? How can organisations and actors that continue to raise their voice for peace, co-operation, and solidarity be more impactful in such fragile contexts?

These questions represent an overview of the many topics discussed during this 28th edition of the Lisbon Forum. 

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Adelino Silva
Adelaide Hirwe
Rasmus Alenius Boserup
Pilar Morales
Liliane Maury Pasquier
Leïla Benabdallah
Saadia Wadah