Between December 9th and 10th, decision makers, issues-experts, activists, organisations and institutions from around the world gathered in Lisbon and online to argue on the urgent necessity to support intercultural dialogue to counter disinformation, misinformation and hate speech.

Breaking the bubble against infodemic

COVID-19 has accelerated and enlarged the fourth industrial revolution and with it, the effects of another pandemic: the information epidemic. 

Alongside the opportunities generated by the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies, the infodemic brings about major social, economic, and political consequences that contribute to perpetuating the cycle of inequality - online and offline - and to discourage the cooperation needed to face global challenges together...

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The slogan "Break your bubble" aims at drawing attention to the concept of “infodemic” and the whole critique of algorithmic-based personalisation of the internet based on ‘eco chambers’ and ‘filter bubbles’. The ‘bubble’ refers here also to the worldviews, cultures and social classes living together without entering in dialogue. The slogan is a call for action broken down into four key messages, based on the Lisbon Forum 2021's four perspectives.


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