Senigallia decided to join the Intercultural Cities network because in order to promote multiculturalism through diverse interventions. Thanks to institutions, to voluntary organizations and to private, community-centered organizations, the city has been experiencing new ways of inclusion and integration handling the everyday real life problems. But today this is not enough to build a multi-ethnic society and a more mature civic society. Every day it is more necessary to share values, different ways of life, civic rules among all citizens, both natives and citizens of foreign origin. The issue is very complex because it requires a process and a strong will for a real integration on both sides.

Population diversity
Even if Senigallia is a small city (45,027 inhabitants), the city has been having immigrants since several years. The citizens of foreign origin are 3,396; of them 809 are from EU countries and 2,587 are from non- EU countries (December 31, 2010 update). The largest communities are: Albania (536 residents), BanglaDesh (338 residents), and Ukraine (269 residents). In the last year 40 people had the Italian citizenship and there were 30 mixed marriages. Since several years Senigallia welcomes and provides services for immigrants.
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