In 2005 the Union of the Rubicone towns was established between Savignano sul Rubicone, San Mauro Pascoli and Gatteo, and the Union runs the three towns’ welfare and educational services. The Union also coordinates all the projects for the following towns: Borghi, Cesenatico, Gambettola, Longiano, Roncofreddo and Sogliano al Rubicone. So all the intercultural projects are in this realm.

Population diversity
The population in the towns of the Rubicone Costa District is 88,166 people (01/01/2010 update), of whom 9,455 are of foreign origin (10.7%). The incidence of the residents of foreign origin on the total residents is higher than in many larger towns in our Province and in our Region. The prevalent nationalities are Albania, Morocco, China, Senegal, Rumania, BanglaDesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Tunisia, Bulgaria. The presence of female residents is more than 50%, the same as in the whole Province. The under age youth in compulsory education schools are 12.5% of the total enrolled students. In 2010 the new citizenships have been 46.
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