Launch of STEPS: heritage resources for inclusive diversity

Launch of STEPS: heritage resources for inclusive diversity

The new Joint Programme of the Council of Europe and European Union “Building specialisation strategies on local participation and heritage resources” (STEPS), has been launched. Over two years, STEPS will aim at strengthening community cohesion, promoting trust, dialogue and mutual understanding across diverse societies, through a participatory heritage-based action plans.

Building on the experience and achievements of the Council of Europe and the cities of the ICC Network in the field of cultural heritage as well as culturally diverse societies, STEPS will develop and test a methodological framework for the use of heritage at the local level. This methodological framework will be validated through an evidence-based research process which will propose indicators to measure impact of participatory approaches to cultural heritage as a resource for community development and cohesion.

The project will involve three main steps:

  • Heritage-Mapping and need assessment in relation to community cohesion
  • Network mobilisation, training and heritage-based strategic planning
  • Developing of perception change indicators and monitoring of results through an initial and final survey

Two cities of the ICC networks from the EU28 countries will be piloting the process. They will be chosen through an open Call for Proposals closing on February 3rd (at 18h00).

A number of cities that will not be selected for implementing the process will be given the possibility to participate as observers. They will be allowed to seat as guest (observing without interrupting) in trainings and workshops of the project. They will also be asked to provide feedbacks to the management team.

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