Melitopol is located in South Eastern Ukraine, some 70 km from the Sea of Azov and around 150 from the Crimea. The "city of honey" is famous for its cherry plantations and its engine-building industry.

Melitopol is a unique city where many ethnicities and nationalities have coexisted in harmony for over 200 years. When taking into consideration, that within only a few hundred kilometres constant conflicts between the Tartars and the local population of the Crimea are possible, the importance of this achievement can hardly be exaggerated.

Ethnic and national groups are completely integrated in the city’s social and political life. Language and traditions are maintained and nourished by individual groups but involvement of the broader community is sought in all their activities.

Population diversity
Melitopol is a city in the Ukraine. It has a population of 160,000. The majority group makes up 55% of the city’s inhabitants. Non nationals make up 46% of Melitopol’s population. First and second generations migrants make up 39% of the city’s inhabitants. The most important non-national ethnic group is Russian (38%). 1.9% are Bulgarian, 0.92% are Tatars and 0.77% are Bielorussians.



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