Calendar 2017


Date Place Title of the meeting
17-18 January 2017 Braga, Portugal Expert's visit
16 February 2017 Berlin, Germany Policy lab preparatory meeting
21 February 2017 Bilbao, Spain Launch of the Intercultural Strategy of Bilbao
3 March 2017 (afternoon) Barcelona, Spain Barcelona Vs Hate: Strategies for combating intolerance in media
21-22 March 2017 Cascais, Portugal

Expert's visit

22-23 March 2017 Lisbon, Portugal Expert's visit
27-28 March 2017 Limassol, Cyprus

Building diverse communities based on shared values – the Intercultural cities approach

29-30 March 2017 Madrid, Spain Diversity Challenge and RECI meeting
5-8 April 2017 Perugia, Italy 2nd DivA mentoring encounter
18-19 April 2017 Odessa, Ukraine ICC-UA Coordination meeting
26-27 April 2017

Barcelona, Spain

1st meeting of the Diversity Connectors project
27 April 2017 Lisbon, Portugal Training on participatory mapping of diverse cultural heritage (STEPS)
22-23 May 2017 Vynnitsa, Ukraine ICC Strategy Development Training for the City Officials & Local Stakeholders
23-24 May 2017 Viseu, Portugal Expert visit
25 May 2017 Rome, Italy Meeting of the Italian network of Intercultural Cities (Città del Dialogo)
1-2 June 2017 Klaksvik, Faroe Islands Expert's visit
8 June 2017 Albufeira, Portugal 9th Meeting of the Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities
14-15 June 2017 Oslo, Norway Workshop on the human rights in the intercultural city
22 June 2017 Barcelona, Spain 1st gathering of Spanish Anti-rumours cities
28 June 2017 Strasbourg, France ICC Side event at PACE Summer session
29-30 June 2017 Odessa, Ukraine Expert's visit
3-4 July 2017  Lutsk, Ukraine Expert's visit
19 September 2017 Dublin, Ireland

Culture, Faith, Cohesion: Moving from Tolerance to Inclusion

19-20 September 2017 Berlin, Germany Meeting of the Business and Diversity incubator working group
25-26 September 2017 Pavlohrad, Ukraine Expert’s visit
28-29 September 2017 Odessa, Ukraine Workshop on "Sustainable Intercultural Tourism & Social Enterprise for Ukrainian ICC cities"
5-6 October 2017 Hamamatsu, Japan 1st Expert's visit
18-19 October 2017 Lyon, France Study visit on prevention of radicalisation
9 November 2017 Castellón, Spain 2nd RECI annual coordination meeting
10 November 2017 Castellón, Spain

Meeting of intercultural mediators (Spain)

15-16 November 2017 Swansea, United Kingdom 1st Expert's visit
28-29 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal ICC Milestone event and 10th anniversary
30 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal Meeting of ICC Coordinators