Lyon is the capital city of the Rhône-Alpes and its most densely populated area.

Since the ancient times it has been a welcome land for migrants from the Mediterranean, Asia, European countries, Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa.

Intercultural strategy

In 2010-2011 in-depth reflection and debate took place in Lyon about the way in which cultural and urban development policies could take genuinely into account the most vulnerable neighbourhoods and people, the expression of cultural diversity, the sharing of knowledge, access to education, the impact on environment and citizen participation. As a result, a series of commitments were made, including in relation to diversity management and the common ideas and values that underpin it:  

  • Fight against discrimination in the field of culture (access to culture, access to programming, recognition and support for different cultural expressions)
  • Facilitate access to citizenship; - Map diversity and diversity-related actions;
  • Support the expression of minority or emerging groups and practices;
  • Create a framework for the development of intercultural dynamics/relations;
  • Carry out work on the history of different cultures and encourage learning about them;
  • Recognise and celebrate the expression of cultural diversity in public space,
  • Encourage the role of artists (creators) and their capacity to focus on intercultural relations and develop specific actions in relation to artists from other countries or origins.
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