Jonava is the ninth largest town in Lithuania, located almost in the center of Lithuania, on the banks of the river Neris. The city was founded in 1750 as multinational trading city inhabited by people of different religions: Christians, Muslims (Tatars) and Jews. Nowadays, Jonava has become a new home for many people who were forced to migrate, from different countries. Their inclusion in the local community is actively pursued through social activities, education, and the services provided by the Jonavos Social services center. Besides, the city counts with a Refugee Reception Center.

profile and activities

Jonava is dedicating particular efforts to the renovation of apartment buildings and urban renovation in general. The network of bicycle and pedestrian paths is being expanded, connecting the Neris bank, city parks and squares to foster more positive interaction in the public space. Recreational islands, benches, sport areas and children’s playgrounds along the trails make for a pleasant stay in Jonava town‘s green oases.

In the future, Jonava district wants to be seen as a sustainable centre of smart industry, logistics, innovation and national defence.

Jonava is a city with a multicultural tradition, a well-developed, family-friendly and environmentally friendly spot. It is a land where it is convenient to live, work and raise children.

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