More than migrants

What is part of your story? The things we do, feel, believe, and find important, all help shape us and form our identities, and this diversity is what enriches our intercultural cities, brings new ideas, points of view and new interactions to our everyday.

On the occasion of International Migrants Day on 18 December 2021, the Intercultural Cities programme together with its member cities aims to break down stereotypes that collate to individuals when they are considered part of a group and will focus on the many things which make us all diverse. Under the slogan “More than migrants” residents of the intercultural cities share their story answering the question – who are you? The campaign is also supported by a school competition and statements of Mayors of our Intercultural Cities.

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Who are you ?





Below residents of our intercultural cities share their personal stories in their own words. We all have our own backgrounds and experiences, some of us have lived for long in our intercultural city and others have only just arrived, and today we celebrate the diversity among us.

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Logroño Mayor / Maire de Logroño

As increasing numbers of persons move across countries, new stories and layers are woven into the social fabric of the cities we live in.

Schools from the Intercultural Cities network and beyond were invited to work on breaking down the stereotypes that reduce migrants and their identities to labels, with the view of a collective reflection on the contribution each of us can make to society when we are given the opportunity.

This publication showcases the winning submissions from schools across the continent together with statements of Mayors and elected officials as well as of migrants residing in the Intercultural Cities participating in the campaign. We thank everyone who contributed to the campaign!

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