The experience of the local authorities participating in the Intercultural Cities (ICC) programme shows that diversity can be managed as a resource. Despite its complexity and the potential conflicts that may arise in diverse communities, a positive and skilful approach to diversity management can lead cities to hugely benefit from what migrants, minorities and people with diverse background can offer to the community. In that sense, the intercultural integration model is applicable to all dimensions of diversity (cultural, gender, sexual identity, age, socioeconomic status, etc.).

To do this, local authorities need to review a range of institutional settings, services and policies, and create the appropriate governance structures, mechanisms and policies to remove obstacles as well as enhance the integration of migrants and diversity inclusion.

This course is based on the guide The intercultural city step by step as well as a set of instruction videos. We invite you to familiarise yourselves with the materials, ask questions and to share it with your colleagues.

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