With a privileged location in northwest Portugal, between Porto and Galicia (Spain), the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão is the gateway to Minho for those coming from the South, and the last Minho reference for those coming from the North of Mainland Portugal and Galicia (Spain). At the moment it has about 135.000 inhabitants, being the 20th most populated municipality in Portugal (according to the 2021 Census).

Profile and activities

The municipality of Famalicão is an important cultural, industrial, commercial and agricultural hub, served by a modern access network comprising the most important highway crossings Portugal, rail transport and an international airport.

It is one of the most enterprising municipalities in the country, being the 3rd in terms of exportations rates, with companies that are national and international references in the textile, footwear, food, public works and tire production sectors.

The dynamism of its youth, the efficiency and diversity of its workforce, the quality of life, the presence of Universities and Polytechnic Institutes, the cohesion and effectiveness of its social and family policies and the sustained growth make Famalicão a municipality with future.

Land of culture and knowledge, Famalicão is also the land of the great novelist Camilo Castelo Branco and the singular and multifaceted President of the Republic Bernardino Machado. Its cultural policy brings also an evidence of its dynamism, namely through the contemporary programming of Casa das Artes.

Famalicão's identity is reinforced by traditions which make it a genuine and attractive municipality, with gastronomy (with its Minho-style firecrackers, among others), handicrafts (with the arts of basketry, pottery and carving) and a rich historical heritage reflected in the numerous museums and cultural spaces that are spread throughout the city.

The Municipality is strongly committed to the promotion of interculturality, through intercultural dialogue, valuing cultural diversity in a framework of mutual respect with the clear and unequivocal objective of becoming an example and a reference as an intercultural city at the national and international level. To this end, we want to improve the living conditions of immigrants in Vila Nova de Famalicão and their reception, so that their integration with dignity is provided, enhancing equal rights and opportunities. The Municipality intends to envision migratory flows as an opportunity for territorial affirmation and development.

Good for living, good for investing, the municipality has as its business card the green Devesa Park, considered one of the “lungs” of the North region. For all this, and much more, Famalicão is, without a doubt, a mandatory destination, whether to visit, to invest or to live!

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