Drummondville is the 15th largest city in Quebec and the largest in the Centre-du-Québec region, with a total of 79,153 residents. For the past ten years, it has recorded substantial annual increases in the number of its citizens. Cited as an example of economic vitality, the Drummondville community continues to grow. At the crossroads of major highways and in the heart of densely populated Quebec, Drummondville is a prime location for businesses and individuals who want to establish themselves in a dynamic living environment.

City status
Population diversity

At the last census, Drummondville had approximately 3,200 immigrants, about 4.1% of its total population. It is one of the 14 destination cities in Quebec for people with special refugee status. Immigrants living in Drummondville come from some 60 countries. The city is involved in efforts to welcome and integrate newcomers from immigrant families in collaboration with various community and governmental organizations.

Profile and activities

As a member of the network of Intercultural Cities in Quebec, the City wishes to forge links with other cities to share expertise and exchange best practices in order to consolidate its municipal action in the area of immigration.

By joining the network, Drummondville assumes its role as a leader in immigration and social inclusion fields with organizations, businesses and other municipalities in the region.

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Stéphanie LACOSTE