Workshop on Human Rights in the Intercultural City

Oslo, Norway 14-15 June 2017
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Workshop on Human Rights in the Intercultural City

Intercultural cities strive to ensure conditions that enable individuals and groups to live together in their diversity, develop a sense of community and belonging, and allow the expression of pluralism, tolerance and broadmindedness, all hallmarks of a democratic society.  The intercultural integration policy approach promoted by the ICC programme is also a tool for the prevention and resolution of conflicts by enhancing the respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, by investing in measures and activities that help build trust.

This thematic seminar will showcase examples from cities clearly following a “Human rights agenda” applied to policies on inclusion and promotion of the diversity advantage, as well as from cities members of the Intercultural Cities network. It will help answering the question of the presumed disjuncture between an adherence to Human Rights and the “cultural recognition” that underpins Interculturalism, highlighting the relationship between inclusive integration policies  and the broader human rights agenda, with a view to encourage cities and local authorities to seek to form alliances and common understanding with the advocates of human rights.


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