Working group on smart indicators for community cohesion actions

Lublin, Poland 11-12 June 2019
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Working group on smart indicators for community cohesion actions

As part of their commitment to make diverse societies thrive, the cities member of the Intercultural Cities network are setting in place conditions and opportunities for positive, constructive and productive intercultural interaction.

For this reason, they invest considerable resources into various activities (festivals, community dinners, urban gardens, etc.) that bring together residents of diverse cultural backgrounds with a view to create trust and social cohesion. At the same time cities lack systems and resources to measure the impact of these activities in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

To answer this challenge the ICC programme is organising a brainstorming session on 11-12 June in Lublin, Poland, that will bring together innovative experts with the aim of developing proxy indicators and identifying data collection and analysis tools that can be used to track the effects of intercultural activities on individuals’ attitudes quickly, cheaply and in an unobtrusive way (not via surveys etc.).

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