Systemic Discrimination – New Thematic Page Addresses How to Identify and Prevent

Systemic Discrimination – New Thematic Page Addresses How to Identify and Prevent

Systemic discrimination hides in structures, policies and procedures in organisations. This includes local authorities, who are encouraged to take action to identify and prevent any systemic discrimination in their structures and beyond.

The ICC is launching a thematic page to host a study, policy brief and good practices from the ICC network with the aim of providing local authorities with the tools necessary to take action. The materials in the study have been provided by ICC member cities and the research carried out by Niall Crowley, an expert on equality issues.

The thematic page is intended to be a live document, which will evolve together with new practices. The page aims to be the go-to place for politicians and civil servants alike. Today you will find introductory materials on the page, including a video explaining systemic discrimination.

The launch of the thematic page will be followed by the ICC webinar Systemic Discrimination - Local Authorities’ Actions to Identify and Prevent on 22 October 2020. The webinar will take the study as a starting point and focus on

  • Identifying Systemic Discrimination
  • Preventing Systemic Discrimination
  • Sharing and Stimulating Good Practice Beyond the City Administration

The ICC wishes to thank all member cities and beyond who have contributed to the study with information on challenges and policy solutions.

Registrations for the webinar are open for interested parties who have received an invitation to the event. Stay tuned for more updates!

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