New good practices from Ansan (South Korea): check them for new inspirational ideas!

Ansan, South Korea 30 July 2020
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New good practices from Ansan (South Korea): check them for new inspirational ideas!

Member cities of the Intercultural Cities Networks work with developing intercultural policies to enhance their services to citizens. Intercultural policies and strategies promote equality, encounters and participation, and contribute to building societies where diverse populations thrive.

The intercultural lens means examining policies and actions in a broad range of areas within the city, including anti-discrimination and equality, anti-rumour methodologies, business and employment, communication and public awareness, culture, leisure and heritage, developing a culture of openness and interculturality, education, gender equality and intersectionality, health, social care and family support, housing and urban planning, leadership and political commitment, mediation and conflict resolution, multilingualism, political and public participation, public and community services, refugees, religion and interfaith, Roma, security, justice and safety as well as welcoming and social integration. This wide range of topics allows the ICC methodology to expand to all fields and levels of city governance, offering a holistic approach to inclusion and integration.

At ICC we believe that we are stronger together and one of the key aspects of the network is the sharing of good practices and lessons learned. The ICC is therefore collecting and updating its database of good practices regularly.

This month the ICC team has selected six outstanding practices from Ansan, South Korea. They relate to the fields of education, equality, multilingualism, public services, developing a culture of openness, political and public participation. They show innovative ways of getting results even in field where local authorities may lack institutional competence.

More will come after the summer break: stay tuned!

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