Back Lublin, Krakow and Wrocław join forces in the project “Together against hate speech”

Lublin, Krakow and Wrocław join forces in the project “Together against hate speech”

The cities of Lublin, Krakow and Wrocław (Poland) have been awarded one of the grants opened by the Intercultural Cities programme for inter-cities projects.

Their project “Together against hate speech. Joint campaign of Polish members of the ICC family.” aims to:

  • Build capacity for cooperation in the three Polish ICC cities.
  • Address hate speech against minorities and build a joint response through a joint social campaign.
  • Raise awareness of the local communities on the issue of hate speech and how to prevent it.

The project will therefore develop a participatory campaign to counter hate speech and promote the value of interculturality for diverse societies. It will also plan for a more long-term and sustainable action by:

  • Defining the problem and the goals as well as specifying the end benefits of the campaign: education, attitude change, awareness raising.
  • Defining tools and channels in order to reach the target groups through activities, directed towards awareness raising and behaviour change as well as building a coherent and respectful community.
  • Determining how hate speech has increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemics and which means are needed to increase the engagement of the citizens to respond to it.
  • Creating content for various official channels of communication.
  • Planning and conducting a series of participatory activities which will engage the local communities in each city. They will include webinars, online workshops and other forms of events designed on the basis of the local context analysis.

Cooperation will involve in Lublin all the institutions and organisations engaged in the model of participatory diversity management; in Kraków – the Open Kraków programme as well as the Equality Council; and in Wrocław – the authorities involved in the Intercultural Dialogue Strategy of the city. Additionally, various local and national NGOs, youth organisations and associations, as well as representatives of the educational sector will take part in the project implementation.

Congratulations to the project team!

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