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Arts overcome cultural and ethnic differences bringing people together - A project that reshapes the historic centre of the city

Arts have the uncanny ability to overcome cultural and ethnic differences: art is like a universal language that brings people together. Cascais has extraordinary art projects to prove this power.

Stimulus/Rationale: This 1st edition of MURALIZA was held in 2014 as part of the celebrations of the 650 years of the Charter of the Village. The MURALIZA festival, comes to seize this episode of the latest and artistic history of Cascais, bringing a renewal of this status, forgotten or unknown to many. The MURALIZA, wants more than creating 'graffiti or street art', leaving consideration of these universes on the sidelines, the creation of large murals painting, where the theme crafted will always be CASCAIS, as an exaltation to the numerous and unique features, legends, heritage and personalities of the region by setting up a new point of tourist and cultural interest of the city.

The coast line of Cascais is arguably the birthplace of all street art in Portugal.


The MURALIZA festival is produced by MISTAKER MAKER – Association of Creative Intervention, a non-profit association of an artistic and cultural nature, whose mission and main objectives are: to actively and creatively foster the production and promotion of Contemporary Art exercises, in all its (new) forms of expression; To stimulate informally, through the exploration of new paths in the production of content, the integration of heterogeneous audiences, aiming at the reinforcement of the critical mass and the creation, not only of new artistic products, but also of growing economic, social and cultural value.

The event involves all facets of Portuguese culture and it witnesses its transformation and evolution: the painting murals of great and medium size, are always inspired by the innumerable and unique characteristics of the region and, concretely, in the peculiarities of this social district built in the 60's.

Impact: Muraliza is a Mural Art Festival that takes place every summer since 2014 and lasts for nine days. During these days, it is possible to meet artists and talk about their masterpieces. In fact, Muraliza maintains the desire to renew the status of Cascais as the cradle of street artistic expressions in Portugal. The event attracts many tourists every year that will also have the opportunity to take part in guided visits to achieve a deep understanding of the pieces. Muraliza transforms and reshapes the historic centre of the city, giving a new dimension. Artists will spray, brush, draw and colour in a climate of brotherhood, where international artists bring in the Portuguese city their passion for arts.

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