PGG II: Women's Access to Justice: delivering on the Istanbul Convention and other European gender equality standards in the Eastern Partnership countries (2019-2021)

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Member states of the Council of Europe have a legal obligation to ensure that all individuals in their jurisdiction have effective, available and efficient access to justice, that there is a system of remedies for victims and that the justice system is held accountable for any violation. Effective justice systems based on human rights standards, the rule of law and democratic values are central to enabling women to become equal partners in decision-making and development and to be informed participants in their societies.

The project, implemented under the Partnership for Good Governance (PGG), a joint programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe, aims at strengthening access to justice for women, especially women victims of violence in line with the Council of Europe gender equality standards and contributing towards the Eastern Partnership countries ratification of the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

The project objectives:

  • Authorities, justice sector professionals, and civil society apply new competences on the standards on access to justice of the Istanbul Convention, in order to remove obstacles to access to justice.
  • Authorities, justice sector professionals and civil society introduce measures, including on training, to ensure that the justice chain is gender responsive, particularly for women victims of violence in line with the Istanbul Convention and other European standards.

The project complements other Council of Europe projects in the region by contributing to the development of a gender sensitive justice system.

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  1 January 2019 - 31 December 2021
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The European Union
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The project is implemented by

the Capacity Building and Co-operation Projects Unit at the Council of Europe's Gender Equality Division

Anca SANDESCU, Project Manager
Alla KRYTYNSKAIA, Project Assistant


Academy of Justice of Armenia

Academy of Justice of Azerbaijan

Belarusian National Institute for the Qualification of Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals

High School of Justice of Georgia and the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia

National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova

National School of Judges and the National Academy of Prosecution of Ukraine

The project additionally co-operates with different state institutions, non-governmental organisations and international organisations working in the field of gender equality and combating and preventing violence against women and domestic violence.


  Guide for developing a mentoring programme on Women's Access to Justice for legal professionals ENG/ARM/AZE/GEO/ROM/RUS/UKR

  Guidance Note - Framework for measuring access to justice including specific challenges facing women - UN Women - Council of Europe  (2016) ENG/ARM/AZE/GEO/ROM/RUS/UKR

  Women's access to justice: a Guide for Legal Practitioners ENG / FR / ARM / AZE / GEO / ROM / RUS / UKR

  Training Manual for Judges and Prosecutors on Ensuring Women’s Access to Justice consists of a general part, and is accompanied by four country chapters available in English and the respective language of each country ENG / ARM / GEO / ROM / RUS / UKR

  • Country Chapter for Armenia ARM / ENG
  • Country Chapter for Georgia GEO / ENG
  • Country Chapter for the Republic of Moldova ROM / ENG
  • Country Chapter for Ukraine UKR / ENG

  Country Studies on Barriers, Remedies and Good Practices for Women’s Access to Justice in Armenia, in Azerbaijan, in Georgia, in Moldova and Ukraine ARM / AZE / GEO/ ROM / UKR

Feasibility Study on Equal Access of Women to Justice ENG

PGG (2015-2018) Project Translations

European Court of Human Rights Factsheet on Domestic Violence ARM / AZE / GEO / RUS / UKR

European Court of Human Rights Factsheet on Violence against Women ARM / AZE / GEO / RUS / UKR

Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) in other languages ARM / GEO / ROM / RUS / UKR and its explanatory report AZE / RUS

Feedback report on gender mainstreaming in the Swedish Courts ENG