This project aims to raise awareness on the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) in the Republic of Moldova.



about the project about the project

The Istanbul Convention is widely recognised as one of the main legal standards and the most comprehensive international treaty to tackle violence against women and domestic violence, which is a serious violation of the human rights of women.

Through co-operation work with the Moldovan authorities the activities implemented will contribute to bringing clarity to the aim and provisions set out in the Istanbul Convention, and will provide tools to the Moldovan authorities to set standards in the field of violence against women and domestic violence. The activities will therefore contribute to paving the way towards the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by the Republic of Moldova.

Main activities 

To raise awareness on the content of the Istanbul Convention and to provide a better understanding of its aim and provisions, the project foresees the following activities:  

  • a study visit for the Moldovan relevant stakeholders to Portugal where they will learn about the process of ratification and implementation of the Istanbul Convention;     
  • meetings with relevant local stakeholders clarify potential misconceptions and promote the value and standards of the Istanbul Convention; 
  •  development of materials on the Istanbul Convention for the general public and/or specialised audiences, dispelling misconceptions on the aim of the Istanbul Convention.
Contacts contacts

The project is implemented by

 the Capacity Building and Co-operation Projects Unit at the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Division

 Larissa KIREEVA, Project Manager

 Evelin TUKORA, Unit Assistant

Partners partners

 Moldovan authorities

Duration duration
 13 January 2020 – 12 October 2020
donors donors

This project is implemented within the framework of the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova 2017-2020 and funded with Action Plan-level funds provided by:








Publications Publications

  Advancing towards the ratification and implementation of the Istanbul Convention: good practices from states parties ENG / RO